Infor M3

Infor M3 supports all value creation and management processes

  • Modular structure
  • Scaled
  • Easy to learn
  • Quick to implement
  • Ready for international use with more than 45 country versions
  • Easy and Transparent presentation of all company data



INFOR M3 Highlights

  • A industry-specific ERP solution
  • Deployment from M3 in the cloud or on-site
  • Support for multiple locations, companies, countries, currencies and languages
  • 23 languages ​​and 46 countries


  • Custom-made solutions for special industry requirements
  • Support for multiple and complex business models
  • Manufacturing, sales, customer service and rental
  • Complex products, including configured and attribute-based items and kits
  • Make-to-Stock (MTS), Make-to-Order (MTO) and Configure-to-Order (CTO)
  • Multichannel sales and customer service processes


  • Consumer-centric, easy-to-use interface
  • Personalized, role-based home pages


Infor M3 for multiple business models

  • Customer Management / Sales
  • Financial Management
  • Production / Planning
  • SCM , Supply chain management (planning and implementation)
  • Procurement management
  • ESR, Equipment, service and rental management


  • Thanks to the production-specific ERP functions of M3, companies in various industries - Food and beverages, Chemical processing, Fashion, Mechanical engineering and Sales - have the opportunity to adapt their operations to fluctuating industry trends,Rapidly adapt to changes in business models and their growth.


M3 CloudSuite Fashion

M3 Infor CloudSuite Fashion enables industries to manage every aspect of a fashion company - from design to end customer - in a single, configurable and integrated solution.

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