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Power BI

Power BI

Cost-effective Power BI for all requirements

Power BI is a business analytics service from Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface so simple that end users can create their own reports and dashboards.

Because Power BI Desktop is free to use and Power BI Pro/Premium is available at a low monthly price per user or capacity, you can deliver BI and analytics capabilities to everyone in your organisation cost-effectively, fostering a culture of data throughout your organisation.

The various building blocks of Power BI, i.e. services, gateways and tools, are made up as follows:

  • Power BI Desktop - the Windows-based desktop application for PCs or notebooks for the transfer, transformation and modulation of data and the resulting creation of reports.
  • Power BI (Service) - Power BI as Software as a Service from the cloud (originally called Power BI for Office 365)
  • Power BI Mobile - mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android
  • Power BI Gateways - interfaces for the integration of external data
  • Power BI Embedded - REST API to embed reports, dashboards or visualisations into other applications ( e.g. SAP Business One)
  • Power BI Report Server - for the storage and management of Power BI reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

If Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used as ERP software for data collection, the software can easily be linked to Microsoft Power BI. The data is then evaluated and displayed by Power BI. With the help of a cloud platform, the data can be accessed anywhere and in real time.

SAP Integration

SAP is a key data source for Enterprise BI, and Power BI connectivity to SAP has long been a sought-after feature by enterprise customers looking to gain insights from investments they have already made. With the Microsoft "SAP HANA Connector", you can create reports in Power BI Desktop with a direct connection to SAP HANA.You can also publish these reports to the Power BI service to share and collaborate with others.(Some features may require you to run the Enterprise Gateway for the Power BI service). MS Power BI Connector for SAP HANA supports both DirectQuery mode and Import mode.



Salesforce Integration

We're excited to share new developer samples for embedding Power BI analytics into Salesforce. You can embed Power BI reports, dashboards and more in Salesforce for your organisation or for your customers.

Embedding Power BI in Salesforce gives your users access to interactive Power BI data visualisations that can connect to any data source supported by Power BI. You can use our client APIs to control the user experience and help your users turn insights into actions.


If you are looking for a BI solution or need support in a BI project, please contact us. We will be happy to look at your task together with you and check whether Microsoft Power BI or another BI tool is optimally suited to your requirements.

You can reach us by email at sales@aventit.com or by telephone on +41-52 577 57 57, ask for our MS Power BI specialist Mr Urs Fischer.

Microsoft has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2021 by Gartner for the 14th consecutive year. You can find more information about the Gartner study on the Microsoft website.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The focus of a customer relationship management (CRM) system is usually on automating and optimising sales, marketing, field service and customer service procedures. The right CRM system holds great advantages for both employees and customers.


CRM systems: marketing, sales and service

The following are the key areas that a CRM system supports:

Sales & Marketing

Provide your sales staff with an overview of customers while identifying new business opportunities. This also gives you opportunities for the following:

  • Share sales performance data and key metrics with staff.
  • Identify and engage the right buyers to drive sales relationships
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what steps are needed at each stage of the sales process

Customer service

Make your brand stand out from your competitors' and meet customers' expectations so that they are happy to do business with you and, optimally, trust you. With CRM systems you can also:

  • Satisfy customers on their preferred channels and devices
  • Use data and information to learn how you can provide better service and reduce costs
  • Provide your customers with a comprehensive overview to help your agents provide personalised service

Field service

Provide connected and proactive service so technicians can ensure positive customer experiences in the field. Continue to provide tools for the following:

  • Assist technicians in improving service, problem resolution time and customer confidence.
  • Automate scheduling so that the technician's skills match the service request
  • Provide customers with a user-friendly self-service portal to track technicians or receive referrals

Learn from competent Aventit employees what our modern CRM system solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for sales, for customer service and for field service and what customer benefits result from it, please contact us by email at sales@aventit.com or by phone at +41-52 577 57 57.


Read the latest studies and reviews from key business analysts on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Link here: Gartner studies on Microsoft Dynamics 365


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