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The Embedded Hardware Product Line of Aventit is called "AV.Berries". The following devices belonging to this product line are all delivered fully equipped, assembled and tested.


Messaging Service

The favorable SMS Gateway

Messaging Service

The favorable way to convert a SIM card into a professional SMS Gateway

Business cases:

  • SMS functionality for your web- or cloud solutions
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) by SMS
  • Telephone validation
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Information channels for customers or partners
  • Mobile Phone addition to convert SMS into Emails (Support Phone)
  • Automatic or manual appointment reminder
  • Single SMS sending out of Microsoft Outlook
  • Multi SMS sending out of Mirosoft Outlook
  • User and access Management
  • Send SMS by REST-API
  • Receive SMS by REST-API
  • Convert SMS to Email
  • Convert SMS to different Emails depending on filters
  • Multi-Lan and Wifi capable
  • Managed by Web-Browser
  • Any SMS capable nano Sim Card can be used

IOT Hardware Platform

The device for the Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT Hardware Platform

The platform for all of the Internet of Things applications

  • Integrated into the Aventit IOT framework
  • Small footprint
  • Powerful processor (Raspberry Pi 4)
  • Capable of running Python, C++, Java, .NET 6 applications
  • Multiple industrial inputs and output available
  • Low power consuming


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