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The sector-independent payroll software for Microsoft Dynamics

For over 15 years, SwissSalary has been the sector-independent payroll software for Swiss companies with 10 to over 5,000 employees. Based on the established ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics, SwissSalary has the latest swissdec certification.

 SwissSalary is translated into four languages (DE, FR, IT, EN) and can therefore be used throughout Switzerland by national and international customers. Around 900 customers settle over 200,000 wages monthly with SwissSalary. Proven specialists guarantee a comprehensive service from installation and training to ongoing support.

Efficient personnel management

SwissSalary's clearly laid out personnel master with personal details, salary data, allocations to social and private insurances, payment details and all details relevant to accounting and evaluation simplifies the administration of employees. Entitlements for holidays, public holidays and compensatory time are stored on the basis of your personnel regulations, age or years of service. Manual checks are reduced to a minimum. The entry/exit process is also automated.

Efficient wage recording

A wage type master in 6 languages geared to Swiss requirements is included as standard. It can be set up per client or across clients. You can make individual adjustments yourself, as each wage type can be duplicated, merged, blocked or reactivated. Subsequent wage types also save time-consuming double entries. In the intuitive reporting journal, you record the variable data of your employees on the time axis. You also enter the personnel data on the time axis. With the "net wage compensation", the additional wage reduction takes place automatically.

Clear personnel master

All data relevant to payroll and evaluation are displayed in the personnel master.

Meaningful absence management

Diagrams in SwissSalary make it easier to maintain an overview, not only in absence management.

Detailed working time calendar

SwissSalary allows the creation of a working time calendar for individual employees or for groups. The most important features include the automatic calculation of overtime and undertime, their accumulation or direct payment with or without surcharge and the detailed display on the payroll. The stored company holidays and public holidays are automatically transferred to payroll processing. Evaluations on an hourly and daily basis complete the range of functions.

Individual payroll accounting

The payroll run can be customised at any time. Whether an on-account wage with subsequent definitive wage run or only one payment per month, you determine the payment cycle. By assigning employees to payroll circuits, several wage runs per month can be created at the same time. The payroll run can be cancelled at any time up to the time of posting or temporarily stored for further processing at a later date. The payroll run can be customised with additional texts or personal information for all or individual employees.

Comprehensive reporting

SwissSalary provides a wide range of reports and statistics as standard. Thanks to the filter technology of Microsoft Dynamics, all the data you have entered in the system can be evaluated in ad-hoc reports or output to Microsoft Word or Excel for further processing at the touch of a button. All documents created in SwissSalary are available for printing at any time, so there is no need to archive them in paper form.

Not to be forgotten: Withholding tax and ELM transmission

The withholding tax rates of all Swiss cantons are available as standard in SwissSalary and can be updated independently by you via downloads from our website. The withholding tax statements are transmitted electronically to the withholding tax offices throughout Switzerland via the ELM interface. You use ELM to transfer salary data to various end recipients such as the AHV and family equalisation funds, SUVA, many health and accident insurers, BVG insurers, the Federal Statistical Office and some cantonal tax offices.

SwissSalary EasyRapport®

As an ideal complement to SwissSalary, SwissSalary EasyRapport® is the web-based time management system for recording working hours, absences, expenses and much more.

SwissSalary Direct®

The self-service portal for SwissSalary integrates employees and supervisors into payroll processes via an intuitive web interface, while payroll accounting is relieved of administrative work.

Access to SwissSalary via Desktop and Mobile

SwissSalary is accessed via a web interface that can be operated from any browser on a computer or Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Office 365 integration

SwissSalary is also seamlessly integrated with the Office 365 product suite. You can export your data to Microsoft Word or Excel at any time or import your wages via Excel, for example.


Bakery Industry

Bakery Industry

BackShop - the cash register system for your bakery outlet

The modular cash register software combines extensive cash register, merchandise management and marketing functions with a user-friendly interface. The result: more satisfaction for customers, relief for shop assistants and greater profitability for branch entrepreneurs. Of course, Samuelson BackShop is compatible with all common PC hardware systems.


Orientation to operator colours
Intuitive touch operation
Snack construction kit for rolls, toppings and trimmings
Product info with printout for the customer
Table operation with all functions of a gastro cash register
Intelligent order, inventory and returns management


Automatic time recording when changing operators
Prepaid/customer card with automatic discount allocation
Technical security equipment (TSE): Samuelson in field tests with the prototypes of the two TSE providers SwissBit and Cryptovision/Bundesdruckerei
Competent service and support by practically trained employees


Stock transfers and write-offs within the branch network Communication module between head office and branches
Fast cash register evaluations even with a large number of bakery branches and cash registers
Options for in-store marketing and sales promotion

 BackPro - new role functions optimise your bakery business



For years, the industry solution BackPro has been successfully used by well-known delivery and branch bakers in Switzerland and Germany and continuously adapted to the requirements of the bakery industry. With the new role functions for your employees, Samuelson is consistently continuing along this path. In particular, bakery production and branch control gain even more efficiency, transparency and process reliability.

 Background: Samuelson BackPro is a business management software system of the latest generation that covers the entire production and marketing chain. And lets you profit twice: On the one hand, from the Microsoft solution Dynamics 365 Business Central, and on the other hand, from the field-tested industry-specific adaptations.

And this is what the ERP system Samuelson BackPro offers:

  • Insight into production status sorted by actuality
  • Create/edit production plans
  • View/create/edit sales plans
  • Create/edit production orders (incl. actual/actual consumption report)
  • Raw material availability forecast
  • View/edit master data: Articles, recipes, workplaces and plans, calendar
  • Insight into the quality level: article reject rate > x%, output inspection < 100% in the last few days
  • Overview of maintenance and cleaning schedules
  • Highlight production orders added after "standard planning
  • Meter readings: view and edit energy
  • Overview of branches, whether all data is on site
  • Overview of missing cash books
  • Overview of missing order data (cash register/EDI/phone/fax)
  • Overview of order proposal creation
  • Overview of non-optimal orders
  • Illustration of daily schedules
  • Easy access to order taking and day-end closing
  • Mapping of the master data maintenance process

BackDispo - the goods distribution for every bakery

Samuelson BackDispo expands the product portfolio of Samuelson by the bakery goods distribution (picking) - with it the all-round carefree package is tied up: ERP system BackPro, cash register system BackShop and goods distribution BackDispo digitalise your bakery processes completely. Samuelson BackDispo offers the new optimum in the distribution of your goods for both the small artisan baker and the large branch and delivery baker.

The bakery goods distribution samuelson BackDispo in keywords:
More speed, more precision, happy customers:

  • Coordinated processes: Samuelson BackDispo guides each employee step by step through the distribution of goods - no order is lost.
  • Displays instead of paperwork: The digital displays allow you to reallocate storage space with a single click, leaving your hands free for picking and saving costs.
  • Intuitive work: Article images, user colours, staff and customer images and individual access rights make distribution child's play - new employees are trained in no time.
  • Everything digital: support for displays, printers, scanners, voice recognition.
  • Optimise goods distribution: Through regular monitoring, you also know retrospectively who distributed what, when and how.
  • Complete flow of goods: With Samuelson BackDispo you have everything in view from production to the branch.
  • Flexible in use for any goods distribution: Whether you want to distribute your goods per article or per customer, divide your warehouse into different areas or keep previous terms - with Samuelson BackDispo you get the tailor-made solution.

Hug Gruppe AG (excerpt from reference list)


When a company reorganises itself after 138 years, it does so carefully - especially as it is known for extreme objectivity in decision-making processes. This is what happened in 2015 when Bäckerei Hug changed its name to Hug Gruppe AG. This included 3 companies in 3 business areas, because the different business models should not mix - each should function and be profitable on its own. Today, in its 5th generation, "Hug" supplies the Swiss cantons of Lucerne, Zurich and Zug:


With Hug Retail AG - the retail trade with baked goods
Hug Bäckerei AG - the production and distribution of bakery products
and Wirzhaus AG - in the area of classic gastronomy.


If you are looking for a new ERP bakery solution that offers you more opportunities to increase customer turnover and plan processes in a more coordinated manner, please contact us by e-mail at sales@aventit.com or by telephone on +41-52 577 57 57.

av.parking - Parking Solution

av.parking - Parking Solution

Parking Solution from aventit is a powerful business solution for the complete management and processing of parking garages and areas.

It provides a complete overview of the entire value chain, with easy access to reports and analysis for optimized operations. This makes aventit parking solution the optimal solution, especially when growth, speed, increase in complexity of legal requirements or even just the optimization of traffic flow are among your challenges.

Functionalities Aventit PARKING solution
Basic module

  • Order management and invoicing
  • Purchasing, procurement for maintenance material and services
  • Management of personnel resources incl. qualification
  • Ad-hoc evaluations
  • Use via iPad/iPhone app

Parking Solution

  • Management of flexible tariff systems (times, fixed costs, variable times with exponential increase of parking fees, long-term parkers etc.)
  • Synchronization of employee data resp. external parkers (only 1x registration)
  • Integration of reading stations (RFID antennas, cameras, ticket machines)
  • Management of parkers with different attributes (tenants, short-term parkers, long-term parkers)
  • Checking of a vehicle incl. parking authorization for parking attendants
  • Listing of unauthorized parkers per parking section Turn and duty scheduling incl. absences
  • Management of tags, reader cards etc.
  • Basis for control of traffic flow within parking section
  • Integration of access barriers and reader antennas
  • Automated billing within the Parking Solution, with dispatch via PDF on request
  • Various interfaces (SAP, Abacus, Excel, MS Dynamics) for external invoicing

 Advantages of AVENTIT PARKING Solution

  • Proven solution - scalable modules and functions
  • Practical - designed by parking system builders
  • Process-driven and intuitive system
  • Role and function-based user concept
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud
  • Less manual work through integrated automation and scheduling
  • Full integration to barriers, pay stations
  • Integration to vehicle reading process (e.g. through RFID, scanning car number and other application areas)
  • Automatic billing of tenants and external parties with pricing of effective usage

av.dispo - Transport Solution

av.dispo - Transport Solution

Transport Solution from Aventit is a powerful business solution for companies in the transport sector. It provides a complete overview of the entire value chain, with easy access to reports and analytics to run your business more easily and efficiently. This makes Aventit Transport Solution the optimal solution, especially when growth, speed, increasing complexity of regulatory requirements or even just optimizing inventory are among your challenges.

Functions of Aventit Transport Solution

Base Module

  • Finances incl. cost accounting
  • Order management and invoicing
  • Purchasing, procurement
  • Warehouse and logistics (multi-warehouse)
  • Personnel resources incl. qualification
  • Ad-hoc evaluations
  • Use via iPad/iPhone app
  • Online/Offline integration with Windows Mobile
  • Optional: payroll processing and accounting incl. all surcharges (incl. link dispo)


  • Fully integrated AZG examination
  • Annual calendar
  • Duty creation (unlimited possibilities)
  • Duty roster
  • Rotation and duty planning incl. absences
  • Definition of bonuses
  • Export of wage data for external wage system or internal wage module
  • Capacity planning per employee
  • Dispo as webtool, e.g. integration in intranet
  • Time accounting per employee
  • Activities, validities (control of services)

Garage Module

  • Fleet management, service planning
  • Warranty management and processing
  • Repairs planning
  • Spare parts management
  • Integration of barcode and scanning
  • Billing of workshop services
  • Time management (time clock)

Advantages of Aventit Transport Solution

Proven Solution

  • Proven solution - scalable modules and functions
  • From practice - Designed by former bus drivers
  • Process controlled and intuitive system

User Concept

  • Role and function-based user concept
  • Available as own installation or in the cloud
  • Less manual work through integrated automation and planning
  • Consistent planning of services taking into account legal requirements (rest periods, Sundays, etc.)


  • Staff scheduling incl. rotation and absences
  • AZG test always up to date, test values parameterizable to company
  • Maintenance workshop module
  • Standard report set for all processes

AV.HD2A - Hubdrive to Anywhere

AV.HD2A - Hubdrive to Anywhere

AV.HD2A synchronizes Hubrive data with any other salary applications like SwissSalary. The mapping and conversion between the two systems are fully customizable.



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