First - Aider

In case of an accident or other health-critical situations, every second counts

First - Aider

In case of an accident or other health-critical situations, every second counts
The unlikely event
If something unexpected does happen,
like an accident or fainting spell, every second counts to be saved.
The First-Aider for everyone and anyone who needs help quickly and reliably and for those who offer their emergency help to others in emergency situations as a first aider or first responder. 

The more people who use the First-Aider, the more likely they are to receive help quickly and in time.


  • Country / rescue number recognition without data connection
  • Guaranteed anonymous and tracking-free
  • Mobile application free of charge and free of advertising
  • Worldwide defibrillator map without data connection
  • Navigation to the nearest defibrillator
  • Suitable for companies and large events (concerts, open airs, sports events, etc.)
  • Emergency management via WEB application
  • Available for iOS and Android


If an emergency is reported, then:
The app automatically calls the country-specific emergency number.
On Android, the app sends an SMS to the country-specific emergency number with:
- Your phone number
- your current location (GPS coordinates)
- If possible (requires data connection): Location address
Sends the emergency call to the First Aider server, which anonymously forwards the emergency call to the currently available first responders and first responders
If the app receives such an emergency call, then:
Decides whether to request the potential first responder or first-responder to accept the emergency call.
This request is only carried out if:
- The potential first responder has activated himself as a first responder (global settings).
- A data connection to the server is possible
- The potential first responder or first-responder is within a certain distance of the accident site.

Data security

The algorithm is designed in such a way that in non-emergency situations no position tracking of the person can take place.
All data traffic is encrypted using the latest encryption techniques.


  • Anonymity is an increasingly important criterion, especially for private individuals in this day and age of transparent people. Therefore, we take this point extremely seriously. Also the developers of this system do not want to be traceable at any time, but still have a reliable help system available. Tracking all First-Aider users in "non-emergencies" has been made impossible by design.
  • The First-Aider app will only transmit the user's location data to the First-Aider server in the following cases:
    -Upon an emergency message
    -After an acceptance of assistance for an emergency call received.
  • The First-Aider server therefore only receives the position data of the person seeking help in the event of an emergency message. Whether a potential first aider is "in the vicinity" and would thus be considered as a first aider for the mission is not determined by the server, but solely by the app. Thus, the server is only informed of the first responder's position when the emergency call is accepted.

Data set

  • Even in today's time of unlimited data volumes with the various providers, the amount of data plays a major role in emergency situations, when the quality of the data line is poor and thus only very little data can be transmitted in a certain time.
  • Abroad, where the First-Aider can also be used, the amount of data is a decisive cost factor. If a data line is also available there, e.g. via roaming, a large data volume would quickly become very expensive. In both cases, minimizing the data volume is essential.

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